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Weʼre raising £4,000 to pay for kennels, blood tests and meds for 19 dogs we have taken in...

Weʼre raising £4,000 to pay for kennel fees, blood tests and follow up for 19 dogs we have taken under our care from the Los Barrios pound evacuation.

Due to three days of heavy rainfall at the beginning of January, the Los Barrios dog pound was flooded. and a mass evacuation was required. When SOS Perrera Los Barrios asked for help, we found as many kennel spaces and foster homes as we could and managed to save 19 dogs. All of the dogs we helped to save are now under our care and will remain in their placements until they are adopted. They will be distraught if they end up back at the pound after experiencing love and a warm bed.

We therefore need to raise this money to pay the private kennel fees for those who have been placed there. We also need to pay for blood tests for all the dogs to ensure they are healthy and receive treatment for any diseases they may have before going to a home. They also need castration, chip, passport, and nails and teeth clean each if they haven't already had this done. We worked hard today to get all these dogs to safety but now we need your help to see it through. Please help by donating anything you can.

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