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Casper's journey

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

When Marayah found little Casper in a field, skeletal and covered in cuts, she fearlessly picked him up and called the rest of the AINF team to come and help. He was promptly taken to the vets where they discovered a whole host of diseases and infections in his body. His eyes were glazed over and white and his ears has been partly eaten by rats. We were very worried that he was not going to make it but, with the vet's guidance, will always try.

We fundraised in order to pay for all the treatments he needs and look at how he is now! His tail is wagging, his eyes are glittering and his ribs are hidden away with his growing belly. In a few weeks, he has completely transformed into a sweet dog that enjoys life and he so deserves to.

Casper is a shining example that when things look bleak, don't lose hope, kindness and love can be just around the corner.

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