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Height to collar:  60cm

Collar: 39 cm

Weight:  25kg

 Date of birth/ age:   approx 4 years old

Test results: Free of Mediterranean diseases 

Children: Untested, affectionate with adults 

Male dogs:  Untested, walks peacefully past and beside male dogs without pulling on the lead 

Female dogs:  Yes 

Cats: Untested 

Description of character:  
Pirata suffered in the dog pound where there were few chances to take him out of his cage despite the best possible care. He’s loving the Training school and has become very playful and happy. He can be shy with new people but he enjoys meeting them and is affectionate.  He’s learnt to play and run in the training field, and now loves to play with female dogs. He’s professionally trained. 

Background: He was  found on the streets, was taken to the dog pound and had been in the Training school since  October 2023

Ideal family: A family who will give him stability, love, and long walks

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