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Height to collar - 47cm

Location - foster home

Age - approx 9 years

Good with:

Cats - No

Children - Yes

male dogs - Yes (see clip)

female dogs - Yes

Professionally trained - No

Description -

Nyah is a loving and nurturing dog. She is calm and good natured and only wants to be near humans. Nyah loves her walks, her humans and her foster brother but she also loves lying in bed all day and sleeping. She is housetrained and is incredibly intelligent so can and will learn very quickly. She is used to living in a home and can be left alone without any problems.

Background -

Nyah was moved from the La Linea shelter and into a foster home when volunteers noticed her sweet and loving nature.

Ideal home -

Nyah needs a family who will give her the love and attention she craves. She is balanced and calm but she wants cuddles from the people around her. She doesn't bark or howl when left alone, she just goes to sleep and waits for her humans to return. 

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