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Height to collar - 42cm

Location - kennels

Date of birth - 01/02/2020

Good with:

Female dogs - yes

male dogs - yes

Professionally trained - yes

Description of Character:  

Meghan is a timid but sweet girl looking for a home. She has never known love and is very scared of people. Since moving to private kennels she has learnt to play and is getting better and approaches timidly for treats. Meghan loves being surrounded by other dogs. She loves to play and is truly happy when running around with other dogs.


Abandoned as a puppy with her father at the La Linea shelter after her mother was killed. Moved to private kennels in December 2021.

Ideal family:  

Someone with experience of timid dogs, who will help teach Meghan that life can be happy. She will need patience and guidance so she can learn to trust and love.

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