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Height - 69cm

collar - 33cm

Date of birth - 24th December 2022

Good with:

Cats - Not raised with cats

Children - not raised with children but when Loki has been in contact with children he was calm & good.

Male dogs - Loki is male & was raised with his brother

Female dogs - not raised with female dogs

Description of Character:  

Loki is affectionate & loves to snuggle up for cuddles. He is playful & good with other dogs.


Loki was adopted in February of this year along with his brother Thor, but due to the owner's need to care for ill parents in the UK, they are sadly seeking to rehome him. They lack the necessary space and time to provide Loki with the care and attention he deserves.

Ideal family:  

An affectionate & active family with space for Loki to run & play.

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