Height to collar - 59cm

Date of birth - 01/01/2014

Location - training kennels

Good with:

Cats - untested

Children - yes

male dogs - no but has manners and is a calm dog

female dogs - no but has manners and is a calm dog

Professionally trained - yes

Description of Character:  

Khoro is a big and loveable boy. He is great with people, playful yet calm, and affectionate but undemanding; a perfect family dog. He loves to go out for a walk and get away from the chaos of the pound.  


Arrived at Los Barrios in April 2015 and was taken to kennels during the flood evacuation on 7th March 2021. 

He arrived at the shelter with a female friend called Wanda and lived with her for 3 years until she moved onto a foster home. He is now alone in a pen where he just sits quietly waiting, wondering where his best friend has gone and if someone will come for him. Please don't make him wait any longer, surely after nearly 6 years it is finally his turn to have a chance at happiness.

Ideal family:  

A loving family who will take him on walks and who can give him the care he needs.