Height to collar - 58cm (see pics for more)

Neck - 42cm

Location - foster home

Date of birth - approx 4 years old (at Feb 2021)

Test results - leishmania

Good with:

Cats - No

Children - Yes 

male dogs - Yes (see clip)

female dogs - Some (if small)

Professionally trained - No


Kenza is an extremely loving girl who spent 2 years completely unnoticed in the shelter. Now she is in a foster home, learning to be a good girl while she waits for a forever home. She is now toilet trained and sleeps through the night in her own bed and doesn't bark at the noises outside. She is undergoing lead training. Inside, she is desperate to be as close as possible to the humans around her and loves holding hands while you watch tv. 

Ideal home - Kenza needs a family who will give her the love and attention she craves. She like to have the attention on her so other dogs in the home should be submissive. A family who will take her with them on their adventures and give her all the cuddles she needs at home. As she is leish positive, she will need a tablet a day.