Height - pending

Date of birth - approx 6 years old

Location - training kennels

Good with:

Cats - no

Children - no

male dogs - no

female dogs - no

Professionally trained - yes

Description - 

Jack is a strong and active dog looking for a home. He is our longest serving resident in kennels. He is very playful but is also very dominant so he cannot be around other dogs or animals. He is very powerful so it is not recommended he be around children either.

Background - 

Jack was tied to a lampost in Huelva in 2016. He has suffered cruelty as someone hacked off his ears. He was moved to training kennels in the summer of 2017.

Ideal home -

Jack needs a home with no other animals or children. His owner must have experience with this breed and be able to maintain a strong structure and exert authority over Jack so he understands his place in the pack.