Height to collar - 51cm (see pic for full)

Location - training kennels

Date of birth - 01/02/2020

Good with:

Cats - no

Children - yes

male dogs - submissive males (see clip)

female dogs - No

Professionally trained - Yes (see clip)


Harlequin is a young female who is in desperate need of a home. She has been in training for two months and is responding well to her obedience training. She is loving and good with submissive male dogs.

Background -

She was found, presumably abandoned, and taken to the Los Barrios pound in December 2020. We took her into the training school in Jan 2021 when the pound flooded.

Ideal home - Harlequin needs an owner who has experience with the breed. She is playful and fun but she is still young and needs someone who can be firm and guide her training correctly. A home with a garden would be ideal so she can run and play with her toys on her own. She is good with submissive males but she is young and very playful and is likely to be dominant as she grows into an adult.