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After 16 years of partnership, Microsoft decided to sell its 50% stake in MSNBC, the cable news channel that it had co-founded with NBC in 1996.[83] The sale was completed in July 2012, giving NBC full control of the channel. Microsoft said it wanted to focus on its own online news platform as part of a revamped MSN service.[84] On October 1, 2012, Microsoft announced its plans to launch a new news operation that would be integrated with Windows 8, the latest version of its operating system. Windows 8 was released on October 26, 2012, along with the Microsoft Surface, a tablet computer that ran on Windows 8 and competed with Apple's iPad.[79][85] Three days after the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft also unveiled Windows Phone 8, the new iteration of its mobile operating system that aimed to challenge the dominance of Android and iOS.[86] To meet the expected increase in demand for its products and services during the holiday season, Microsoft opened several temporary stores across the U.S. in addition to the permanent Microsoft Stores that it had established in 2012.[87] On March 29, 2013, Microsoft launched a Patent Tracker, a tool that allowed users to search and browse through Microsoft's patent portfolio.[88]

In April 2013, Microsoft announced that it would reorganize its online services division into three units: Bing, Advertising, and Applications and Services. The move was seen as an attempt to simplify the structure and improve the integration of its online products.[89] In June 2013, Microsoft launched a new version of its Xbox console, the Xbox One, which featured voice control, cloud computing, and the ability to record and share game clips.[90] The console faced criticism for its initial requirement of an internet connection and its restrictions on used games and game sharing.[91] Microsoft later reversed these policies after a negative backlash from gamers and the media.[92]

astronomy tools actions set crack

In September 2013, Microsoft agreed to buy Nokia's mobile phone business for $7.2 billion, a deal that was completed in April 2014.[93] The acquisition was seen as a strategic move by Microsoft to strengthen its position in the smartphone market and to compete with Apple and Google.[94] However, the deal also resulted in significant losses for Microsoft, as it struggled to sell enough devices and to integrate Nokia's employees and culture.[95] In July 2015, Microsoft announced that it would write off $7.6 billion related to the acquisition and cut 7,800 jobs from its phone division.[96]

In February 2014, Satya Nadella became the third CEO of Microsoft, succeeding Steve Ballmer.[97] Nadella was previously the head of Microsoft's cloud and enterprise division, where he oversaw the development of products such as Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM.[98] Nadella's appointment was widely praised by analysts and investors, who saw him as a visionary leader who could transform Microsoft into a more innovative and agile company.[99] Under Nadella's leadership, Microsoft increased its focus on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cross-platform compatibility.[100] 0efd9a6b88


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