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Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Bobby wakes up in his bedroom to find his best friend Dinger and his parents asking him if he's okay, but "Bobby" has no idea who these people are because he is actually Coleman trapped in Bobby Keller's body. Coleman leaves the house to find his wife but returns when he cannot find her or make any sense of the situation. On his return to Bobby's home, Coleman plays up the role of Bobby for his family and friend, just wanting to go to sleep to see if the alpha state he attains in dreams will give him any clue to what has gone wrong with the experiment.

In his dream, Coleman is greeted by the real Bobby, who appears to be trapped in a dream partially generated by Coleman's own subconscious. Coleman discovers that Gena, skeptical of her husband's "dream state" theory from the beginning, is also trapped in the dream but is unable to communicate with him because part of her mind has been transferred to Lainie's body. Bobby informs Coleman that he has very little time to prevent what's left of his wife from forgetting about him and becoming lost in the dream forever.

Bobby claims to know the secret to switch them all back, yet is reluctant to help Coleman do so, finding the dream-world he now inhabits to be more satisfying than the physical world in which he existed as a troubled teen. Coleman realizes he only has a few days (while pretending to be Bobby) to overcome generation gaps, high-school bullies, Lainie's violent and unstable boyfriend Joel, and Lainie's bitter and manipulative divorced mother in order to improve Bobby's grades, love-life, relationships with his family and friends, and connect with Lainie (who is not particularly fond of Bobby) enough to convince her to recreate the meditation experiment that might save his beloved wife.

We're back in the house BOBBY was dreaming about in the beginning. He's holding a door closed as the woman is banging on it, making it rattle. She continues to scream and BOBBY's panting, scared. He looks around for something to hold the door, and grabs an old suitcase. He desperately grabs around the space, which now reveals itself to be a closet, for anything to hold the door. He grabs a broom and holds his back to the door, trying to keep it closed.

In the foreground, SAM is sitting at the desk, sleeping bent over with his head on his arm. Drool covers his hand and he's got a smile on his face. In the background, DEAN is sitting in a chair, looking up at SAM and holding papers that he'd apparently been reading through. SAM smiles a little more and then realizes it was just a dream. His smile disappears and he sits up, wiping his face with the back of his hand. The same hand he had drool on, which he discovers. DEAN chuckles, watching him. He wipes his face with his other arm.

He moves around a bit in his seat, stretching. Suddenly a knock on the door sounds. They both turn in its direction. SAM stays in his chair as DEAN gets up to open the door. DEAN opens the door just inches, just like SAM did in his dream. When he sees who it is, he looks annoyed and opens up the door, walking with it.

BELA enters, wearing a similar trenchcoat to the one in SAM's dream, only this one is black and the other one was tan. SAM reacts to her right away due to the dream, and tries to cover up his "situation".

SAMYeah. They clink their cups together in a toast and then drinks it all up. They both grunt, trying to swallow, which seems to be a little hard. They smack their mouths a bit, due to the awful taste. They look quite disgusted and nothing seems to have changed.

He turns around to SAM and as the camera follows his movement all the colors seems to have drained and we see that they're now standing in the same house that BOBBY was dreaming about. They looks around a bit and as the camera changes angle, we see that the window DEAN was just looking out through, is gone and instead there's a fireplace. The entire motel room has turned into a living room.

They get out of th


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