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View Log opens the installation log file (Report.xml) using the default web browser. The log file contains details about the graphics hardware and software components installed. The Report.xml file can also be found in the folder: C:\Program Files\AMD\CIM\Reports\

NOTE! These are optional choices. The installation of the downloaded Radeon Software package will not continue after Express Uninstall or Custom Uninstall has completed. To continue installing the downloaded Radeon Software package, please rerun the executable file.

Static analysis reveals that most components of IceRat are written in JPHP. This is a PHP implementation that runs on the Java VM. This implementation uses .phb files instead of Java .class files -- a file type that, as I suspect, is not commonly supported by antivirus products. So far I haven't heard or found any other malware that uses JPHP which partially explains the low detection rates on VirusTotal.

The .phb files contain the 0xCAFEBABE magic bytes for Java .class files somewhere down below. Removing the first part of the file excluding the magic bytes makes it possible to decompile these files into Java code with, e.g., Fernflower. The right side of the picture below shows how the file should look like after modification.

IceRat consists of several small components instead of putting all functionality into one file. As a result most of these files may not attract any attention if their context is missing. E.g., a downloader is only malicious if the downloaded file is malware. If information about the downloaded file is missing and cannot be inferred, there is no reason to detect the downloader as malware.

The chain of infection and related files is in the graphic below. White boxes show non-malicious files. At least four of these files are JPHP EXE files, namely cheats.exe[4], 1.exe[12], klient.exe[5] and klip.exe[7]. The main component of IceRat is klient.exe[5].

According to McMcbrad the first IceRat sample came from a malicious document for which he didn't keep a hash or file. The first part of the chain that I could find is Browes.exe[1] which may have been distributed as trojanized software download for CryptoTab. Browes.exe is a selfextracting WinRAR archive that drops and executes the Windows Cabinet file 1.exe[2].

The Windows Cabinet file is also a dropper for two more files, namely a non-malicious setup[3] for CryptoTab software, and a malware downloader named cheats.exe[4]. CryptoTab is a browser with mining features, but its installation is not silent. The affected user will see the browser setup window (see image below) which is why I assume CryptoTab is provided as a lure. To summarize: The infection chain starts with a downloader in a trojanized dropper in a dropper.

The JPHP file cheats.exe[4] has the project name droper (sic). It accesses IceRat's main server to download the backdoor klient.exe[5]. It chooses randomly one of the following names from a list:

The command and control happens by periodically checking the contents of certain files on the malware server. E.g. klient.exe[5] will check the content of the file hxxp:// If that file contains a line that matches the string :::: for the infected system (see image below), klient.exe will download the stealer[6] from hxxp:// and save it to c:\Windows\Temp\.Browser.exe.

The file 1.exe[12] is downloaded from hxxp:// or hxxp:// and saved under a randomly generated name by creating a random number between 10000 and 1000000. The resulting file location is c:\Windows\Temp\..exe. This component communicates via Telegram to the malware operator.

Two more files are referenced in klient.exe but don't exist anymore: hxxp:// would be downloaded to c:\Windows\Temp\.Jawaw Se binar.exe. hxxp:// would be downloaded to c:\Windows\Temp\.Windows Push.exe. Based on the filena


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