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Your Number Ayo Jay Acapella Christmasxmass

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Ayo Jay's "Your Number" Gets a Festive Twist with an Acapella Cover

Ayo Jay's hit song "Your Number" has been one of the most popular Afrobeat tunes of the year, earning him a deal with RCA Records and remixes with Fetty Wap and Chris Brown. The catchy track, which samples Maxi Priest's "Close to You", is about a guy trying to get a girl's phone number at a party.

But what if the song was sung in a different style, say, acapella That's what a group of talented singers did for their Christmas special. They uploaded a video on YouTube where they performed an acapella cover of "Your Number" with festive lyrics and harmonies. The result is a fun and creative rendition that showcases their vocal skills and adds some holiday cheer to the original song.

The group, who call themselves LypviPscangi, are based in Nigeria and have been making acapella covers of various songs since 2019. They have also covered songs by Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage and more. They said they chose "Your Number" for their Christmas special because they wanted to celebrate Ayo Jay's success and show their appreciation for his music.

"We love Ayo Jay and we love his song 'Your Number'. It's such a catchy and upbeat song that makes you want to dance. We wanted to do something different with it and give it a festive twist. We hope he likes it and we hope our fans like it too," they said in a statement.

The video has already garnered over 10,000 views and hundreds of comments from fans who praised their creativity and talent. Some even suggested that Ayo Jay should collaborate with them or feature them in his next video.

"This is amazing! You guys are so talented and you did justice to the song. I love how you changed the lyrics to make it Christmas-themed. Ayo Jay should see this and work with you guys," one comment read.

"Wow! This is so cool and original. You guys have such beautiful voices and harmonies. You made the song even better. Ayo Jay should be proud of you guys," another comment read.

Ayo Jay has not yet responded to the video, but we hope he does soon. In the meantime, you can watch the acapella cover of "Your Number" by LypviPscangi below:

Ayo Jay's musical journey began in 2011, when he started pursuing music as a career. He approached several music producers to release his songs, but faced many rejections. He did not give up and continued to work on his craft. In 2013, he signed a recording deal with One Nation Entertainment, a music company based in Ghana and Nigeria. He adopted his stage name Ayo Jay, which is a shortened form of his real name Ayoola Ogundeyi Jr.

Ayo Jay's breakthrough came in 2015, when he released his single "Your Number", which sampled Maxi Priest's "Close to You". The song was a huge hit in Africa and also gained popularity in the United States and Europe. The song's remix featured American rapper Fetty Wap, who added his signature trap style to the track. The remix was also well-received and earned Ayo Jay a deal with RCA Records, making him one of the first Afrobeat artists to sign with a major label.

Ayo Jay has since released several other singles, such as "Think About Me", "Ibadi Yen", "Fowosere", "The Vibe", "Want You" and "Peace of Mind". He has also collaborated with other artists, such as Davido, Olamide, Chris Brown and Kid Ink. He is currently working on his debut album, which is expected to be released soon. Ayo Jay has been nominated for several awards, such as the Nigeria Entertainment Awards and the African Muzik Magazine Awards. He has also been featured in various media outlets, such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, The Fader and Complex. 061ffe29dd



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