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Solera Awning Installation

In this video, I install a Solera LED awning light kit from LCI (Lippert Components Inc.) The LED light strip slides onto a special bead sewn into the Solera awning fabric. It comes with its own power switch which needs to be connected to the RV 12VDC battery supply.

Solera Awning Installation

While installing the LED awning light switch I decided to also add an extra power switch for the awning motor control. As I perform the installations I explain the various wiring hookups. First I add a special junction box for the new switches then splice into an existing 30A DC supply I had previously wired for my VIAIR air compressor power port. Finally, I added a 2A fuse to protect the awning lighting circuit.

Caution! Depending on where you install the power awning switch it may be possible for things loaded into the storage compartment to hit the switch during travel. A protective cover or power disconnect could be added.

The Solera manual pull style spring tension RV awning drive head assembly by Lippert is meant to be used with Solera awning arm assemblies, rollbars, fabric, pull strap, pull rod and idler head. This pull style driver head is easy to install and operate. To extend your awning with the driver head just insert the pull rod into the pull strap and walk your awning out. This assembly is universal and compatible with Solera short, flat and pitched awning set ups and can be installed in just a few simple steps.

This replacement kit comes in either black or white color options and includes (1) Solera manual pull style awning drive head assembly. It should be used with, but does not include, Solera pull style idler head, rollbar, pull rod, pull strap, awning fabric and arm assemblies. Please reference your owner's manual before purchase.

From shade rooms and lighting solutions to replacement awning fabric and automated awning arms, Solera is every RV owners go-to brand when it comes updating or upgrading your awning and patio space. Our top-quality awning solutions help you make the most out of every camping trip with added ease, convenience and reliability.

The Solera Power RV Awning Plain Drive Head Assembly is easy to operate and install. It comes complete with front driver head cover, back driver head cover, motor and drive head gear kit. The Solera Power Awning Plain Drive Head assembly features easy-access manual override: Should a power outage occur, the awning can be easily extended and retracted with a cordless power drill.

One of the best parts of RV life is sitting out under your awning and enjoying the outdoors. But if a strong wind picks up, it can catch your RV awning and ruin it. Thankfully, if you have an electric awning, there is a solution: installing an RV awning wind sensor!

The awning wind sensor detects movement from the wind and automatically retracts the awning if the wind gets too strong. This RV awning auto retract prevents strong winds from tearing fabric or damaging the arms of the awning. Some models allow you to adjust their sensitivity as well, so the awning only retracts in especially strong winds.

First and foremost, a wind sensor can protect your awning from unexpected gusts of wind. If the wind picks up suddenly, the sensor can react faster than a person and retract the awning away from harm. This saves you from expensive repair bills.

We have a 2021 Jayco Precept. According to the owners manual we have a Carefree Longitude awning. When I look for wind sensors all I can find is a Bluetooth one. What if we are camping somewhere without WiFi? Will it still retract in windy situations?

RV awnings come in different makes and sizes so you can find compatible awnings for any type of RV or mobile home. Smaller RV awnings can be used as an overhead canopy for doors and windows while larger ones can cover an entire side of an RV. The really big ones can provide a camper with an extra living space or patio that can be deployed anywhere.

Almost the same look and feel as a solution dyed acrylic RV awning and may have more UV protection. . It may be more durable but does retain a lot of heat defeating the main reason most buy RV awnings.

A tent-like awning that can be deployed to create another living area or extend the RV canopy. Made from canvas, fabric or any foldable material. Some models are large canopy types but some models are almost like a room, complete with walls, a door, and windows. This is the most complicated one to deploy due to its size and weight.

There a lot of choices to choose from when installing an RV awning. The average cost of RV awnings may be between a few hundred dollars for simple setups to thousands of dollars for complex ones. To help you decide which type you will purchase, we prepared a table comparing the RV awning cost for each RV awning type. This includes installation cost and the basic setup. Accessories like optional floor mats and rain guards are not included.

RV awning installation cost of mechanized or motorized models are more expensive due to the need for adjusting the limit switches and settings on the motor. A licensed electrician is not needed for a motorized awning as nowadays the motors from most motor manufacturers are shipped with a cord and standard molded plug for either a 110v or 220v outlet.

DIY installations of non-mechanized (manual) RV awnings can save you as much as $180 to $540 on labor cost. Due to the non-complexity of a mechanized electric motorized RV awning, we do recommend a DIY installation. If you purchased RV awning kits from a local hardware or camping stores, chances are you would need to hire an installer.

DIY is still possible but you have to pay attention to details and that the awning mechanism is installed correctly. Otherwise, saving on labor cost may lead to more costs due to errors and mishaps

The Solera by Lippert RV Awning Replacement Vinyl Fabric is available for all Solera, Carefree, A&E, Carter and Dometic Manual & Electric awnings without an Aluminum Weather Shield. The Universal Vinyl Fabrics come in 9 sizes and 8 colors to match most RV's. These are original Solera Awning Fabrics and that means you are getting a great product at an affordable price. The awning bead is welded into the fabric, making the installation easier. It is also a one-piece fabric with a valance. With some of the other brands, the valance is a separate piece leaving part of the aluminum roller tube exposed and it is quite ugly. The fabrics with a fade pattern are printed on the top only, the underside is solid white to brighten the living area. The Solid Black Fabric black is black on both sides.

How To Measure. Awning manufacturers do not go by the fabric measurement, they measure from the "center of the arm to the center of the arm". Take a tape measure and measure from the center of the front awning arm to the center of the rear awning arm and that is the size of awning you have and that would be the size of the fabric you would order. The measurement might an inch or two over or under an even foot. For example 19' 11" would be a 20' awning requiring a 20' fabric. Or 16' 1" would be a 16' awning requiring a 16' fabric. Awning fabrics are not returnable. The Solera Universal Awning Fabrics are available in the following sizes and colors: 13' thru 21' Awnings Solid Black, Black Fade, White Fade, Sand Fade (White or Black Vinyl Weather Guard), Burgundy Fade, Blue Fade, Silver Fade, & Green Fade.

Two Things You Need to Know:1) The edges are Not Hemmed, they are raw like a slide out awning fabric.2) There is only one bead that slides into the Roller Tube, not two like your awning probbaly has. This bead is welded on and requires two set screws to be installed on the roller tube. 041b061a72


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