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Guide To Play Asian Handicap Betting For Newplayer

Asian Handicap betting is a familiar form of entertainment and money-making for anyone passionate about sports. Particularly prevalent in football, this type of bet is offered by bookmakers for almost every match, big or small. To earn money from your passion and understanding of sports, let's explore vip soccer tips this interesting form of betting together with Wintips.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap, also known as handicap betting or simply Handicap, can be applied to almost any sporting event and is favored by many bettors.

Speaking of handicap betting, the term originates from bookmakers offering a certain handicap level for a match. The team with a higher level of skill and is favored will have to concede a certain number of goals to the opposing team on the betting odds table. This implies that they must score more goals to help the bettor win.

Bookmakers ensure that all betting options have equal winning odds, depending on the difference, and apply various handicap levels such as 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, etc. These numbers are carefully researched by a team of experts and can accurately reflect the dynamics of the match. This becomes a basis for players to understand the game and make informed decisions during analysis.

Advantages of Asian Handicap over other betting forms

In a football match, bookmakers often offer various betting forms to meet customers' entertainment needs. Among them, Asian Handicap always receives special attention and attracts a large number of bettors due to the following reasons:

Creates excitement and thrill in every match

Matches with significant score differences often become dull, and viewers almost always know in advance which side will win. Asian Handicap is designed to address this issue, ensuring fairness for both sides and making the game thrilling every moment.

Allows live betting

A unique feature of this type of bet is live betting. This means that players can participate in betting even while the match is ongoing. This innovation aims to allow players to monitor and assess the strength of both sides, thereby making safer betting decisions.

Easy participation

As mentioned earlier, this type of betting can be applied to all matches, not just football but also a variety of other sports.

Capital safety

Another interesting aspect of Asian Handicap is the method of determining wins and losses. In some cases, players will only lose half of their money even if they choose the wrong betting option.

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How to Understand and Calculate Asian Handicap Bets

In each match, the disparity in skill between the two sides will also vary. Therefore, there can be many different handicap levels to ensure that all bets are fair and exciting. When participating in handicap betting, players need to know how to understand and calculate some types of bets as follows:

Level Handicap

This is the simplest form, where two teams have equivalent or negligible skill differences, so no handicap is applied (level). The determination of winning and losing is very basic; players will receive a reward if they choose the winning team, and vice versa. In the event of a draw, the betting result will also be considered a Draw, and all money will be refunded to the players.

Half Goal Handicap

Indicated as 0.25 or 1/4, this is a relatively small handicap level, and the method of determining winning and losing is similar to level handicap. The only difference is that if the match ends in a draw, the player will win or lose half of the money. Specifically:

Players on the upper side will lose half the money if the match ends in a draw.

Players on the lower side will win half the money if the match ends in a draw.

One-half Goal Handicap

Indicated as 0.5 or 1/2, the higher-rated team will be on the upper side and will have to give the opposing team half a goal. Participants can choose:

For the upper side team: players will only receive rewards if this team wins the match.

For the lower side team: players will receive rewards if the match ends in a draw and the lower side team wins.

One-quarter Goal Handicap

Indicated as 0.75 or 3/4, the higher-rated team will be placed on the upper side and will have to give the opposing team 0.75 goals. Participants can choose:

For the upper side team: receive half the reward if this team wins with a one-goal difference. Only if the goal difference is two or more will you win the full amount.

For the lower side team: players will win the full amount whether the result is a draw or a win for the weaker team.

One Goal Handicap

As the name suggests, the stronger team must give a goal lead to the opponent. Players can choose:

For the upper side team: you will only win and receive rewards if this team creates a final goal difference of two goals or more.

For the lower side team: you will win the full amount if the match result is a draw or the weaker team wins.

Furthermore, if the match ends with a one-goal difference in favor of the upper side team, the Asian Handicap bet at that time will be considered a draw, and 100% of the bet amount will be refunded to the participants.

Tips for Gaining Advantage When Playing Asian Handicap

To make money from Asian Handicap bets, besides understanding the concepts and calculating the handicaps, you also need additional betting experience. Each bettor will have their own effective strategies; if you're a beginner, just follow these tips for a significant advantage.

Analyze the Handicap Yourself

Although the handicap odds are set by bookmakers and experts beforehand, they mostly reflect the likely outcome of the match. However, you should analyze and double-check the handicaps yourself to ensure safety and avoid falling into a "trap bet."

Choose Major Tournaments

According to the experience of many professional bettors, major tournaments have lower risks. Firstly, there's not a significant gap in skill levels between teams, and smaller handicaps make it easier for players to choose bets. Additionally, bookmakers seem less likely to manipulate or influence the results of international matches, ensuring safer participation.

Time Your Bets

For Asian Handicap bets, the "golden time" to place bets is within the first 15 minutes of the first half. By this time, players have enough time to observe the dynamics on the field practically and verify their assessments. Once you have all the information about the match, choosing the winning handicap becomes relatively easy.


As a sports enthusiast looking to experience thrilling matches, betting tips app is undoubtedly an excellent choice. To receive high-quality betting odds and the most attractive rates, don't hesitate to visit reputable bookmakers and participate today.


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