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Flow - Thinking In Meditation

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Flow - Thinking In Meditation

The following is a simple outline of the type of meditation practice and tips that will see pronounced changes in the quality of your life, and, by extension, in the quality of your mental and physical health. If you are given these three pieces of advice, then you can expect a positive change in your life and take it a step further, because there is no trigger to stop and no method to stop. This ability to stick with your meditation practice continuously over a period of time is the element that distinguishes a true human super-achiever.

�Meditation is like a state of stress relief in which the mind is free of thoughts so it can be present in the here and now. It is this approach to meditation which makes it special and unique from other techniques.

You shouldn�t be concentrating on anything. Concentration is when you are focusing on a particular impression, such as a sound. If you are not concentrating, you are just thinking, and thoughts soon race from one thing to the next, never settling nowhere long enough to take it to term. When you are thinking � even having thoughts � you are performing an activity that is just not ``meditation,� but something else entirely. So to understand the difference between thinking and meditation, try this. Ask yourself if your mind is still or thinking. If it is thinking, then it is not meditation.

Sit upright in a comfortable posture with your spine straight and buttocks flat on the ground. Relax your body, and make sure your neck is long and soft. Place your left hand on your left knee. Place your right hand on your right knee. d2c66b5586


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