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Castle Season 3 Complete Pack


The first day of the launch for streamers are separated into 3 time slots. In session one there is Iskall85, Stressmonster, Seapeekay, HBomb94, CaptainPuffy, and ChosenArchitect. Iskall85 did a 1 hour intro into the season, then session 1 began with 6 streamers. Iskall, HBomb, Stressmonster, and ChosenArchitect started the season by racing into Iskall's potential future base, Stress got bored and HBomb stopped preemptively when guessing the wrong end location but staying and claiming the location either way when knowing he was wrong on the castle he found. Then all of the streamers on that time slot started raiding HBomb's castle, Iskall tries to kill an iron golem and got the first death of the server instead, after that they started to go mining for diamond, chromatic iron, and vault rocks, materials to make a vault altar and to go into their first vaults, ChosenArchitect also got to be the first people to go to the nether on the server. CaptainPuffy built a starter base for near a big mountain. Iskall found both materials first and started to give some resources to the other players, the first session ended with Iskall and Hbomb going and survived their first vault.

This season was very similar to season 3, except that more tokens were available, and Bronze and Silver ranks were completely "protected" against the loss of Points which meant that anyone could reach Gold eventually just by playing a lot. Getting out of Gold however was still incredibly hard.

Different personal connections or Castle inspirations helped Joanna to name each of the ten unique colors from the Castle collection palette. They are used through the completed castle, and will be featured on Fixer Upper: The Castle. 781b155fdc


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