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Buy Eurail Pass In Person

The Eurail Global Pass is one of the most popular ways to explore Europe, offering travelers access to 33 countries. The pass gives you a set number of stops in a set time period, ranging from three days to three months, allowing for a flexible, hassle-free trip without having to purchase single tickets for every leg.

buy eurail pass in person

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Can I buy a Global Pass in person?No. Eurail Global Passes need to either be purchased through the app, or ordered online before you visit Europe if you need or want a paper ticket. Most passes can be bought immediately through the app, but some countries only accept paper tickets. In either case, passes cannot be bought in person.

What is a travel day?A travel day lasts 24 hours from midnight to midnight. On each travel day you have access to the train networks where your Eurail pass is valid.7 p.m. ruleWhen traveling on a direct night train that departs after 7 p.m. (19:00) and arrives at its final stop after 4 a.m. (04:00), you only need to enter the arrival date in the travel calendar, even if you leave the train before 4 a.m. This way you get 5 hours of travel for free. This is known as the 7 p.m. rule.

Thanks for all the information, it has been a great help. I dont know if this question has been asked or not yet; however, i was wondering if i use my pass to get free travel on lets say the german S-Bahn (spelling?) that comes as a free beneift to my bass will i be charged one of the 10 days over 2 months for my pass or is it simply an extra benefit of the pass.

Brilliant and a very useful article. I had a query: Do they match your name on the eurail pass with that on the passport everytime you board a train? My passport does not have my surname, so I have not applicable written on my eurail pass. Will that be a problem?

Hi, we are traveling as a family, 5 of us, to 6 countires, so I know we need a global pass. We will be here for 1 month, staying in a few cities 3-4 days and visiting others for just 1 day. Questions: #1- should we buy a continuous tic or day tics? #2-should we buy 1st class or second class tics?

Hi, I am an exchange student living in the Netherlands, and I believe I should be eligible for the cheaper Interrail pass since I have a Dutch Residence Permit valid for the rest of the year.The thing is, two of my friends are coming to Europe to backpack with me for a month using Eurail passes. My question is, do Eurail and Interrail offer the exact same trains, in other words will our passes be compatible? Thank you for your time!

Hello! I have a question on the duration of the pass. For example, if I buy the one month option and activate it on July 18th, does it last until the end of July or will it go to August 18th? Thanks for the help! This article was very informative.

So, just to be clear. I have a 15 consecutive day Global pass. I should be able to hop on any train in any of the 28 countries at at any time for all 15 consecutive days (July 1 to July 15) and have no issues such as paying more $

The days only count when you hop on a train. For example, today (day 1) you go from Spain to France. Then, you stay in France for a week. Next week, you take a train from France to Belgium, and that will be day 2 on your pass.

You will simply put the train, time, direction (cities), and any other required info in the schedule/table provided with the Eurail pass. This you will do with every train you hop on the same day or any given day. Once the train conductor gets your ticket, they will validate the entry with their timestamp.

Hello Norbert, Thank you very much for such a great detailed article. I do have one question, however. If it was answered in comments or in the article, I do apologize. We are traveling to Paris in about one month. Our plan is to cover 3-4 countries in about 11 days of stay. We are thinking of visiting Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Bern. I were to get pass for 5 days in 2 months. Question: Does the flexible pass allow a person to travel in local trains for free? (i.e Staying in Paris, use the pass to travel to Versailles. Stay in Bern, and travel to Interlaken? What would be your suggestion in such circumstances?Thank you in advance for your time.Bhavesh

I was about to buy the 1 month continuous Global pass and you did save me a really magnificent sum of money as I found out I only need a Flexi Select pass. Well, cannot help sending you big Thanks and Love from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Good Day! Hope all is well on you end. I have a question please. If i choose the 4 countries Eurail Pass. Then for each country i will stay 5 days each and i want to use my Eurail pass to visit some cities on the following days. Will the travel days be deducted on my pass?

2- So, if I plan for example : going from Lisbon,Portugal passing all the countries till Budapest, Hungary, how could get return to Lisbon ? Is it better to buy a flight ticket back or make it by train again ?

3- I plan for example make a global pass, to go from Portugal to France, Belgium (Spend for tomorrowland), Netherlands, Germany, Italy and ends in Hungary ( Or end at somewhere between ), is that possible for 3,2 weeks (considering I m like to spend 3 days at maximum in each) ? You as a experienced man, would advise me to plan something better ?

You should write every train ride, including connections, right before or after you board the train. You must make sure the ride is written in your pass before the train conductor comes by to check your ticket. If it is not written you will have to pay for the ride.

DEar SR. I am planning to go to europa this caming end of august I would like to know; Is better this time of the year? my trvel itinenari is berlin norway What is the better pass i can buy? For example if I start in barcelona (Iwill arrive by airplane) spend 4 daus and then go to Paris where Iwill stay 4 days and so on in the different cities that I will visit. I am planning to travel during day not night so i will enjay the scenery. What are your recomendation. Help please Thanks

Your guide is by far the most comprehensive one Ive read! But still I want to clarify something if you dont mind. If I buy a global pass with 5 travel days, the count of the travel days is not per country right? Because I am confused about the other comments above.

Norbert, my wife and I are planning a trip for next summer. Starting in Hamburg, then going to (in order), Aarhus (up in Denmark), Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Strasbourg, Paris, Calais (to ferry to Dover). This is all over the course of 23 days. What is your gut feel about whether it would be more economical to buy some form of the Eurail pass versus simply buying tickets on the go? (by the way, your info here is far better than that found on the Eurail site itself)

I know London/Scotland not covered by Eurail, the Eurostar reservation cost is high, Italy trains are cheaper and Swiss rail are very expensive etc., I still find the Global pass with 10 trips are better option however need your view on this.

Some friends and I are travelling to Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and/or Barcelona, and back to Madrid in 12 days this upcoming summer. I am still curious as to when we are travelling that day with a Eurail pass that I will not need to purchase anything (unless its a reservation train) that travel day? So I can basically find a train route and time hop on it and not have any problems? Thank you for your article! It really did help a lot.

This is a great guide! The most comprehensive so far. Still, could use some advice. Traveling as 2 adults and 2 kids, both 9, for 2 weeks. Traveling from London to Brussels, 2 days trips from Brussels to Paris and Bruge, Brussels to Amsterdam, and finally Amsterdam back to London. I feel like the Europass is the way to go. Thoughts? And could I make reservations now for a trip in late September?

Hi, I have a question regarding the eurail global pass. When I buy online (3 days within 1 month) it gives me an option to activate the pass. It needs a starting date though. Is the starting date just the start of the 1 month clock or its considered the first day of the use of the card and I will have 2 more days left?

I remember using a Eurail pass a LONG time ago. Seems like back then (1988) it could be used for the streetcars, buses, subways and ferries (basically anything but a taxi). I was just wondering if that is still the case or even if my memory of me doing that is correct?

If you do not need a reservation for that specific train, you just validate the travel day on your pass at the stamp machine at the station, and go straight to the train (sit wherever you like). If you need a reservation, then you must go to a ticket kiosk at the station or purchase it online if available. Then, just head to the appropriate reserved seat.

I am currently 27 and looking to purchase my Eurail Pass in the next couple days. But, I will be 28 by the time I get to Europe. Can I still get a youth pass or will they see my Date of Birth on my passport and wind up charging me full price on all of my train rides?

HiVery good and useful post. I am planning a trip for more than 3weeks -Italy, Switzerland, France. I think a global pass for 15/22days will be helpful. But how can I puchase and get it as I live in Bangladesh? I have 8-10days only before starting the journey.

Thanks, Tony! That is correct. For non-reservation trains you can just hop on and fill out the pass. Some stations, though, have access control/gates before the platform, so in those cases, you will need to present the pass at the ticket booth to get your tickets to be able to pass through the gates.

Hi Norbet.Just another question.What happens when you fill out your diary only to decide to get of at a sleepy little town.Using the global pass two you just white it out for the rest of the journey and refill it in next day or just get on train next day and continue 041b061a72


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