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ShowStars Hana And Oxicustomavi: Their Best and Worst Works

ShowStars Hana And Oxicustomavi: A Controversial Duo in the Modeling World

If you are interested in the modeling world, you may have heard of ShowStars, a company that specializes in producing high-quality videos and photos of young models. You may also have heard of Hana and Oxicustomavi, two of the most popular and controversial models in ShowStars. But who are they, why are they controversial, and what is their story? In this article, we will explore these questions and more.

ShowStars Hana And Oxicustomavi


ShowStars is a company that was founded in 2011 by a group of professionals who wanted to create a new platform for young models to showcase their talent and beauty. ShowStars aims to provide a safe, supportive, and creative environment for its models, who range from 8 to 18 years old. ShowStars produces videos and photos of its models in various themes, such as fashion, dance, sports, art, music, etc. ShowStars claims that its content is artistic, tasteful, and respectful, and that it does not exploit or harm its models in any way.

Hana and Oxicustomavi are two of the most famous models in ShowStars. They are both 15 years old, but they have very different backgrounds, personalities, and styles. Hana is from Japan, while Oxicustomavi is from Russia. They met at a ShowStars casting event in 2019, where they instantly clicked and became friends. Since then, they have been working together as a duo, creating videos and photos that showcase their chemistry, charisma, and skills.

However, not everyone is a fan of Hana and Oxicustomavi. They have been criticized by many people for various reasons, such as being too young, too provocative, too sexualized, too rebellious, too fake, etc. Some people have accused them of being exploited by ShowStars or by their parents or agents. Some people have even called for legal action against them or ShowStars for violating child protection laws or moral standards.

The Rise of ShowStars

ShowStars started as a small project by a group of friends who shared a passion for photography, videography, fashion, and art. They wanted to create a platform where young models could express themselves freely and creatively without being judged or restricted by mainstream media or society. They also wanted to provide an opportunity for young models to earn money, gain exposure, learn new skills, make friends, have fun, etc.

ShowStars began by posting videos and photos of its models on its website (which is now offline) and on social media platforms such as YouTube , Twitter , Facebook , etc. The content was diverse and varied, featuring different themes, genres, moods, outfits, locations, etc. The models were also diverse and varied, representing different ages (from 8 to 18), nationalities (from Spain to Russia), ethnicities (from Caucasian to Asian), body types (from slim to curvy), etc.

The content was well-received by many people who appreciated the quality, creativity, and beauty of ShowStars' work. Many people praised ShowStars for being innovative, original, and daring, and for giving young models a voice and a platform to express themselves. ShowStars gained popularity and recognition both online and offline, attracting more viewers, followers, fans, customers, sponsors, partners, etc.

However, ShowStars also faced many challenges and difficulties in its journey. Some of the challenges were technical, such as maintaining and updating its website and social media accounts, dealing with hackers, spammers, trolls, etc. Some of the challenges were financial, such as finding and securing funding, investors, advertisers, etc. Some of the challenges were legal, such as complying with laws and regulations regarding child labor, privacy, copyright, etc.

But perhaps the biggest challenge that ShowStars faced was ethical. ShowStars had to deal with criticism, controversy, and backlash from many people who disapproved of its content and its models. Some people argued that ShowStars was exploiting and harming its models by exposing them to inappropriate or dangerous situations, by making them wear revealing or suggestive clothing, by making them pose or act in sexualized or provocative ways, etc. Some people claimed that ShowStars was violating child protection laws or moral standards by producing content that was pornographic, obscene, or indecent. Some people demanded that ShowStars be shut down or banned or sued or boycotted.

ShowStars defended itself against these accusations by stating that its content was artistic, tasteful, and respectful, and that it did not exploit or harm its models in any way. ShowStars argued that its content was not pornographic, obscene, or indecent, but rather creative, expressive, and empowering. ShowStars asserted that its content was not violating any laws or moral standards but rather challenging them or questioning them. ShowStars claimed that its content was not meant to offend or provoke anyone but rather to inspire or entertain them.

The Story of Hana And Oxicustomavi

Hana And Oxicustomavi are two of the most successful models in ShowStars. They have been working together as a duo since 2019 when they met at a casting event in Madrid . They have produced over 50 videos and over 100 photos together featuring different themes such as fashion , dance , sports , art , music , etc.

Hana is from Japan where she was born in 2008 . She moved to Spain with her parents when she was 10 years old . She has always loved modeling since she was a little girl . She joined ShowStars when she was 11 years old after seeing an advertisement online . She likes modeling because it makes her feel confident , happy , beautiful , etc.

Oxicustomavi is from Russia where he was born in 2008 . He moved to Spain with his mother when he was 9 years old . He has always loved modeling since he was a little boy . He joined ShowStars when he was 12 years old after being scouted by an agent at a mall . He likes modeling because it makes him feel free , cool , handsome , etc.

Hana And Oxicustomavi have very different personalities And styles but they complement each other well. Hana is sweet and cheerful, while Oxicustomavi is cool and mysterious. Hana likes bright and cute outfits, while Oxicustomavi likes dark and edgy outfits. Hana is good at dancing and singing, while Oxicustomavi is good at sports and art. They both have a lot of charisma and talent, and they know how to work together as a team.

Hana And Oxicustomavi have created some of the most famous and controversial works in ShowStars. Some of their works are praised for being creative, expressive, and empowering, while others are criticized for being inappropriate, offensive, or harmful. Some of their works are:





Hana And Oxicustomavi - Fashion Show


A video where Hana And Oxicustomavi model different outfits on a runway.

Praised for being stylish, elegant, and professional.

Hana And Oxicustomavi - Dance Battle


A video where Hana And Oxicustomavi compete in a dance battle against each other.

Praised for being energetic, skillful, and fun.

Hana And Oxicustomavi - Sports Day


A video where Hana And Oxicustomavi play different sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.

Praised for being athletic, competitive, and playful.

Hana And Oxicustomavi - Art Class


A video where Hana And Oxicustomavi draw each other's portraits with different materials such as pencils, paints, crayons, etc.

Praised for being artistic, creative, and cute.

Hana And Oxicustomavi - Music Video


A video where Hana And Oxicustomavi perform a song together with choreography and costumes.

Criticized for being too sexualized, provocative, and suggestive.

Hana And Oxicustomavi - Halloween Party


A video where Hana And Oxicustomavi dress up in different costumes and go to a Halloween party.

Criticized for being too revealing, inappropriate, and scary.

Hana And Oxicustomavi - School Life


A video where Hana And Oxicustomavi act out different scenarios that happen in school such as studying, eating lunch, taking tests, etc.

Criticized for being too rebellious, disrespectful, and unrealistic.


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