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When To Buy Tickets To Japan

Search Japan flights on KAYAK. Find cheap tickets to anywhere in Japan from anywhere in United States. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to anywhere in Japan from anywhere in United States.

when to buy tickets to japan


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It's getting difficult to know when to buy..the same fare can be 1600 plus and drop to super low figures a week later and jump again in 3 days. All I can say is buy if you see a decent price and don't look back. You would hate to sit on that fare and find it jumping several hundred dollars the next day.

Everyone wants to get the best value tickets possible, but without doing extensive research it can be tricky. This guide to Shinkansen tickets will explain the different types, where to buy them from, how to use them, and how you can save money by getting the best-value tickets.

Certain trains may use a single integrated ticket, but often you need both a passenger and express ticket to board your train. Train attendants routinely check for both types of tickets during the journey.

Up to 2 infants can travel for free. The regular child fare (50% of full fare) applies if the child occupies a reserved seat, green car seat, or bed. In parties with more than 2 infants, only 2 may ride for free; tickets must be purchased for all additional children.

In Japan, concert tickets are sold in several stages. Usually, the sooner you manage to buy your tickets, the earlier you will get into the venue, and a greater chance to get the best seats. Exceptions are concerts with reserved seats, which are rare.

To buy tickets online in Japan, you can use agencies such as Ticket Pia (チケットぴあ), Lawson Ticket (ローソンチケット), eplus (イープラス), Rakuten Tickets, and many others. However, while it used to be possible to order your ticket through one of these agencies and then purchase it through a konbini (24-hour convenience store) terminal, creating a new account now requires SMS verification and a Japanese SIM card. Much more convenient is instead to buy your tickets directly through one of these terminals, without having to log in to the website.

To buy tickets for a Japan concert online outside of Japan, you can turn to an agency that sells e-tickets (electronic tickets) for major Japanese events. Japan Concert Tickets is an authorized reseller for promoters including Smash Japan, Creativeman, Avex Entertainment, IndieAsia, RedBull, and Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. It offers a great selection of tickets that can be safely purchased outside of Japan and used during your trip.

There are also some international agencies that operate in the secondary market of reselling concert tickets worldwide (Viagogo, Stubhub), so just enter Japan (or a city in Japan) in the search field to see the available options. Tickets for sale on these websites can reach astronomical prices, especially for the most coveted events, so consider all options and make your decision according to your budget and how unmissable the event is for you.

As we saw above, there are agencies like Japan Concert Tickets that allow you to buy concert tickets through their English-language websites. The same goes for proxy services and second-hand ticket retailers. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy your tickets through a Japanese agency or in-person in Japan, it will be best to check an online guide or look for a tutorial on YouTube, as almost none of these options are available in languages other than Japanese.

Whether you want to take the chance to see your favorite artist on tour in Japan or just spend one night at a small neighborhood live house, attending a live show in Japan will be the icing on the cake of your trip. Buying tickets for an event so far away may seem like a titanic task, but as we have seen in this article, the options make it easy and you will surely find the one that suits you. Enjoy your nice concert!

You can collect your shinkansen tickets in Tokyo or, more conveniently, have them delivered to your hotel anywhere in Japan for a small extra fee. You must order at least 3 days in advance before the day of travel.

I would advise you to book your shinkansen tickets as far in advance as you can, during peak season like Christmas and New Year, cherry blossom season (April) and fall foliage season (November). It gets extremely busy and trains are often fully booked.

You will then be asked to input your name, email address and a four-digit identification number (ID number). Use a number you can easily remember or MAKE A NOTE OF THE NUMBER, because you will need it when you pick up your ticket!! Then tick the Agree box and hit Agree and Continue.

As mentioned above, you can pick up the tickets you bought online at major JR train stations in west Japan. This includes Kansai International Airport, Kyoto Station, Osaka Station and many others. You will need three things to pick up your tickets:

If you forget any of those, you will not be able to pick up your tickets from a machine (you should go to a manned ticket counter if you have forgotten any of the above and they MAY be able to issue your tickets).

The easiest way to buy tickets is through the Universal Studios Japan website, followed by Klook. This also includes the Express Pass. I do not recommend buying tickets at the ticket booths the day of your visit because you are wasting precious park time and risk tickets being sold out for the day.

If you are already in Japan and want to secure concert tickets, there are plenty of ways to do so, starting from convenience stores to ordering them online. But before jumping into the explanations and instructions, two important things!

For those who are not yet in Japan: If you are thinking about purchasing tickets when arriving to Japan, I would keep two things in mind: 1) the location of available seats as well as the admission rank numbers (for general admission concerts) becomes worse the later you purchase, and 2) tickets tend to sell out for many artists, sometimes months in advance. Therefore, it might be a good idea to try to secure your tickets even before you get to Japan. For more information, see our other article: How to buy tickets if you are not in Japan yet

During the ticketing procedure at some of the convenience store machines, you will be asked for your name in Japanese characters (katakana or hiragana), as well as your phone number. It is important, that you enter your real name since it might be checked against your ID when entering the event.The exact process varies among machines. There are four types of machines:

Buying tickets online is a little more troublesome than using a ticket machine at the convenience store, because you need to register an account before being able to purchase. If you want to pre-order tickets before they go on general sale (to make sure you get tickets before they sell out) there will be no way around doing it online, though. Online retailers add a small internet booking fee to the ticket price which usually consists of a system fee, booking fee, and sometimes also a pre-order/lottery and delivery fee.

If you are paying in a different conbini chain than where you can print your tickets, OR if you bought your tickets during pre-order, you will have to wait for another email after you paid at the counter. The next email will tell you the number with which you can actually print the tickets. Sounds complicated? If you live in Japan and go to many concerts, you will soon get used to it. ?

In most instances, applying for tickets during the pre-order period will not automatically entitle you to buy the tickets. Rather, is like taking part in a lottery in which you can win the right to buy the them.

If you are fluent in Japanese, you can also get a phone and order the tickets by calling the hotline of one of the major ticket retailers such as Ticket Pia, Lawson Tickets or eplus. Be prepared to provide a valid Japanese address, phone number and a Japanese credit card.

By the way, we do not recommend purchasing tickets from scalpers (ticket resellers) outside the venue. Although fake tickets are extremely rare in Japan (but not unheard of), buying and selling 2nd hand tickets in the vicinity of the venue (right before the show) is illegal and police do sometimes show up, especially at very popular concerts. Most resellers outside the venues are professionals and affiliated with the Japanese mafia (yakuza), too.

Japan Concert Tickets brings you concert and festival news from Japan. You can also find guides for buying tickets and other resources for planning your trip to Japan. Since 2013, we have been on this mission to help fans across the world.

Another option is to book directly on the Japanese USJ website. This can be manageable if you use Google Translate (which works well on Chrome), and offers some unique discounts. The regular 1-Day or 2-Day Pass costs the same as the at-the-gate tickets.

* VIP upgrade ticket does not include an admission ticket to the show. You must purchase both an admmission ticktet and VIP upgrade ticket to be admitted entry to the event. * Privileges of VIP upgrade ticket will be invalid if you do not have both admission ticket and VIP upgrade ticket. * No refund and/or reissuance of VIP upgrade ticket and admission ticket under any circumstances (including but not limited to lost, stolen, or damaged). * Credit card payment only. Please check your spending limit beforehand with your credit card company. * There will be no ticket sales if VIP upgrsde tickets sell out during pre-order / pre-sale periods. * Privileges are valid and distributed only on the day of the show at the venue. 041b061a72


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