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Digital Monster X Evolution 720p Vs 1080p

We did some research and the conclusion was that basically no native 1280x720p television sets were ever sold worldwide. 1366x768 was/is the most common HD-ready "720p" TV resolution, and 1080p sets were getting much more common during the last two and half years since the launch of Trials HD. We didn't see any reason to support native 1280x720 rendering anymore, as basically all TV sets would scale the image up, and nobody would see the game unscaled at perfect 1:1 pixel ratio. So we went slightly sub-HD (but at proper 16:9 this time) and let the high-quality Xbox 360 scaler hardware do the upscaling to the TV native resolution.

digital monster x evolution 720p vs 1080p

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It's important to note that in the Broadcast World, everything used to be done in film, so it was always possible to go back and re-master a digital recording of the film in 1080p, (and perhaps even again in 4K).

But for digital age movies that were captured by 1080p cameras, the only option is upsampling to 4k, which as most of us know is at best a band-aid. The real step-function won't occur in broadcast until content is actually being FILMED in 4k. 076b4e4f54


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