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Hailey Holiday

Ah, holiday, come on(Holiday)Celebrate(Celebrate)If we took a holidayTook some time to celebrateJust one day out of lifeIt would be, it would be so niceEverybody spread the wordWe're gonna have a celebrationAll across the worldIn every nationIt's time for the good timesForget about the bad times (oh, yeah)One day to come togetherTo release the pressureWe need a holidayJust one day out of life (just one day)It would be, it would be so niceHolidayOh yeah, oh yeahCelebrateOh, come on, let's celebrateHolidayCelebrateWe need a holidayHoliday(Holiday)Celebrate(Celebrate)Holiday (we have got to get together)CelebrateHoliday (we have got to get together)CelebrateOh, come on, let's celebrateHoliday (we have got to get together)CelebrateWe have got to get together(Celebrate)...

hailey holiday

Hello All,The Hailey Bankhead Foundation is in search of long term volunteers to assist with our Event Planning Team. The event planning committee, also known as events specialists, or simply event coordinators,plan, organize, and ensure events go from "idea" to "reality." Our event planning team works closely with our volunteers to ensure the success of all events.The ideal volunteers will have a background in event planning.The position is primarily "Face to Face", but you may be needed to attended the occasional virtual meeting. If your are interested in participating as a long term volunteer on our Event Planning Team. Please submit an email to you are not familiar with our organization please take the time to visit our website:

This Christmas tree was lit in the center of Main Street to signify the start of the holiday season. Wednesday. It was part of the annual Shadow Lake Tree Lighting and Holiday Parade. Among those involved in the parade were Papillion-La Vista South High School marching band and Stepper-ettes Baton and Dance. 041b061a72


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