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My Father's Murderers Image

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My Father's Murderers Image

In 2003, Chagra recanted his previous statements, stating that someone other than Harrelson had shot Judge Wood.[4] Harrelson's son, Woody, then attempted to have his father's conviction overturned in order to secure a new trial, though without success.[15] Chagra died in July 2008 of cancer.[16]

Day dawned; and I directed my steps towards the town. The gates were open, and I hastened to my father's house. My first thought was to discover what I knew of the murderer, and cause instant pursuit to be made. But I paused when I reflected on the story that I had to tell. A being whom I myself had formed, and endued with life, had met me at midnight among the precipices of an inaccessible mountain. I remembered also the nervous fever with which I had been seized just at the time that I dated my creation, and which would give an air of delirium to a tale otherwise so utterly improbable. I well knew that if any other had communicated such a relation to me, I should have looked upon it as the ravings of insanity. Besides, the strange nature of the animal would elude all pursuit, even if I were so far credited as to persuade my relatives to commence it. And then of what use would be pursuit Who could arrest a creature capable of scaling the overhanging sides of Mont Salêve These reflections determined me, and I resolved to remain silent.

The girls' bodies were found in their father's taxi cab outside the Omni hotel in Irving, both of them had been shot multiple times. Said disappeared and had not been seen for 12 years until his arrest in Justin by the FBI in August 2020.

In a quest to find out more about her father's crime, Nina travels to Norseman, a remote outback town that bears the scars of a troubled past. Here she retraces the steps her father took more than 40 years ago. 59ce067264


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