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Total rewrite of the NVMe Secure Erase program.Added logging to the NVMe Secure Erase program.Added an ATA Sanitize GUI with logging.An optional 10% verification pass was added to Secure Erase, NVMe Secure Erase, and ATA Sanitize.An md5sum of the Advanced log is calculated and added to the basic log for verification.Model and serial numbers for the machine being used have been added to the Secure Erase, ATA Sanitize, and NVMe Secure Erase logs.

The Gauss-Seidel method is a standard iterative numerical method widely used to solve a system of equations and, in general, is more efficient comparing to other iterative methods, such as the Jacobi method. However, standard implementation of the Gauss-Seidel method restricts its utilization in parallel computing due to its requirement of using updated neighboring values (i.e., in current iteration) as soon as they are available. Here we report an efficient and exact (not requiring assumptions) method to parallelize iterations and to reduce the computational time as a linear/nearly linear function of the number of CPUs. In contrast to other existing solutions, our method does not require any assumptions and is equally applicable for solving linear and nonlinear equations. This approach is implemented in the DelPhi program, which is a finite difference Poisson-Boltzmann equation solver to model electrostatics in molecular biology. This development makes the iterative procedure on obtaining the electrostatic potential distribution in the parallelized DelPhi several folds faster than that in the serial code. Further we demonstrate the advantages of the new parallelized DelPhi by computing the electrostatic potential and the corresponding energies of large supramolecular structures. PMID:22674480 153554b96e


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