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Salford Ftn77 Personal Edition

Salford Ftn77 Personal Edition

FTN77 started its life on an ICL 1900 series mainframe and ended as a compiler that runs under the Windows NT series of operating systems (Windows 2000, XP, Vista etc.). FTN95 is the successor to FTN77 but you can still download the FTN77 personal edition at: (will open new window and direct you to

WINDOWSFORTRAN COMPILERSINTELVisual Fortrancompileris now a component of Intel Parallel Studio XE which comes in severaleditions - see our Intel Products Page forprices and informaition.LFExpress forWindows. US$274. A bare bones product - a command line compiler, alinker, and a command line debugger.Lahey/GNUFortran anautomatic parallizing compiler producing 32 bit and 64 bitexecutables. Includes Visual Studio 2012 shell, Winteracter graphicsstarter kit, gcc c compiler and one year of technical support. US$219(academic US$ 109).LFProfessionalforWindows. LF Pro uses the Microsoft Visual studio developmentenvironment. It contains Automake from Polyhedron, a Windowsdebugger, coverage analyzer, profiler, the Fujitsu Visual Analyzer(static analyzer), the Fujitsu Mathematical Subroutine library andthe Fujitsu C compiler. LF Pro requires Windows 7 or later. LFPro is US$935 (academic US$467). SalfordFTN95 isa 32 bit Fortran development package which includes Fortran 95compiler, C++ compiler, editor, debugger, profiler, make, librarymanager, assembler and graphics library. FTN95 uses the ClearWinlibrary to access the Windows API. UKP384 (UKP219 academic) forWindows95/NT. Upgrades from FTN77 or earlier editions of FTN95 areUKP269. Optional annual maintenance is UKP110 with a new compilerpurchase. For strictly personal use there is the Personal Edition. Itis available only by download and is free. AbsoftPro Fortran 2017for 32and 64 bit Windows. The Pro Fortran 2017 package automates thebuilding of fast parallel code on AMD and Intel multicore systems andincludes AVX,APO,IPO,PGFDO optimizers as well as Absoft's Dynamic APLoad balancing technology. Pro Fortran 2017 includes OpenMP support,SMP Graphical Analyzer, Absoft Windows Environment, F2003/2008extensions, Fx3 graphical debugger, HPC Scientific Engineering mathlibrary, 2D/3D graphics and the GINO Lite GUI builder. US$770(academic US$330) with IMSL US$1540 (academic US$770). Click hereforfurther details on Absoft Pro Fortran 1e1e36bf2d


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