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We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids [2014 ALBUM]


On August 20, 2013, "Attention" was made available for streaming. In addition, a lyric video was also released.[4] Later that month, the group performed three headlining shows in the UK, and appeared at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Following this, they supported New Found Glory for a few shows in Europe.[5] On December 3, Weird Kids was announced for release in February 2014. In addition, the album's track listing and artwork were revealed.[6] A music video was released for "The Best Thing (That Never Happened)" on December 10, directed by Mark Staubach.[7] A behind-the-scenes video followed five days later.[8] On January 20, 2014, "Long Live the Kids" was made available for streaming.[9] On January 27, "Windows in Heaven" was made available for streaming.[10] In January and February, the group went on a UK tour with Neck Deep and Save Your Breathe.[6]

The album was included at number 45 on Rock Sound's "Top 50 Albums of the Year" list.[23] The album was included at number 22 on Kerrang!'s "The Top 50 Rock Albums Of 2014" list.[24] "The Best Thing (That Never Happened)" was nominated for Best Single at the Kerrang! Awards.[25]

On His Twitter LifeRight before bed I will [post] a picture of how horrendous I look. I'll say, "How do I look" and people will insult me for 20 minutes. I sit in bed laughing. I'm deliriously joyful at this weird, instant connection with the crowd.

Dear Carolyn, I am the OP from Monday's letter . Thanks for answering my original letter (back in September). I did speak with a counselor about how to deal with my parents and found it helpful. I wanted to provide you with some context of how all of this played out. Also, I wanted to thank the commenters who posted thoughtful responses and advice. For those who roasted me, well, ouch. Tough crowd. First, I have rare contact with my parents because I moved 3500 miles away after the affair was discovered. They thought I was being selfish and over-reacting by moving so far away. I did not. I needed some distance, stat. I am happy with the direction my life has taken. I know very little of my brother's life after I left. He and my ex did marry and divorced two years later. Apparently, they were much better at lying, cheating and betrayal than being married to each other. I do understand my parents want a relationship with my brother's kids; however, I don't need to have a relationship with them. My brother claims the distance I've put between us is hurting him, his kids and our parents. Let me just say, it would require all of the burning-white-heat of a supernova for me to be in the same room with these people. I have come to terms with and forgiven the choices my parents have made. I do not begrudge them grandchildren. I do need them to respect my choices and why. I have even forgiven my brother, though that was mostly for my own sense of well-being. FWIW, my parents are flying to see me in a couple of months. Thanks again for listening and your advice. 1e1e36bf2d


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