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Parasitologia Clinica De Craig Faust 3 Ed Rev: A Comprehensive Guide to Human Parasites and Their Diseases

Parasitologia Clinica De Craig Faust 3 Ed Rev: A Comprehensive Guide to Human Parasites and Their Diseases

Parasitologia Clinica De Craig Faust 3 Ed Rev is a book that covers the general principles of animal parasites that affect humans and the diseases they cause, as well as the appropriate methods of diagnosis, treatment and control. It is a reference manual for physicians and students, graduates and postgraduates, of human parasitology. The book is revised and updated by recognized leaders of opinion in the field, with new chapters and updated bibliography.

In this article, we will review some of the main topics and features of this book, and why it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about human parasitology.

Parasitologia Clinica De Craig Faust 3 Ed Rev

What is Human Parasitology?

Human parasitology is the study of parasites that live on or in humans and their interactions with their hosts. Parasites are organisms that depend on another organism (the host) for their survival, usually causing some harm or discomfort to the host. Parasites can be classified into two major groups: protozoa (single-celled organisms) and helminths (worms).

Some of the most common human parasites are:

  • Giardia lamblia: a protozoan that causes diarrhea, abdominal pain and gas.

  • Plasmodium spp.: protozoa that cause malaria, a life-threatening disease characterized by fever, chills, headache and anemia.

  • Ascaris lumbricoides: a roundworm that can grow up to 35 cm long and live in the small intestine, causing malnutrition, abdominal pain and intestinal obstruction.

  • Trichinella spiralis: a roundworm that infects humans through eating undercooked pork or wild game meat, causing muscle pain, fever and inflammation.

  • Schistosoma spp.: flatworms that live in the blood vessels of humans, causing schistosomiasis, a chronic disease that can damage the liver, spleen, bladder and intestines.

Why is Human Parasitology Important?

Human parasitology is important for several reasons:

  • It affects the health and well-being of millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries where sanitation, hygiene and access to health care are poor.

  • It can cause serious complications and co-infections with other diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malnutrition.

  • It can have social and economic impacts on individuals and communities, such as reduced productivity, increased poverty and stigma.

  • It can provide insights into the evolution, ecology and immunology of host-parasite interactions.

  • It can offer opportunities for developing new drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools against parasitic diseases.

What Does Parasitologia Clinica De Craig Faust 3 Ed Rev Offer?

Parasitologia Clinica De Craig Faust 3 Ed Rev offers a comprehensive guide to human parasites and their diseases. Some of the features of this book are:

  • It covers all major groups of human parasites, including protozoa, helminths and ectoparasites (parasites that live on the skin or hair).

  • It provides detailed descriptions of the morphology, life cycle, transmission, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of each parasite.

  • It includes color illustrations, photographs and tables that facilitate the identification and understanding of each parasite.

  • It incorporates recent advances in molecular biology, immunology and epidemiology of parasitic diseases.

  • It contains new chapters on emerging parasites such as Cryptosporidium parvum, Cyclospora cayetanensis and Toxoplasma gondii.

  • It offers updated references for further reading and research.

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