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having the exact same problem too mate, bloody useless, so unreliable, so frustrating!! unbelievable, i love my iphone but im slowly having enough now, i am on my 3rd iphone, ridiculous, started looking for androids, so reliable in comparison with apple.

Didn't know I could have so much lint in that little slot. I always carry my iphone in my pocket port up but I see it didn't make that much of a difference. Worked great! I know this may sound strange but tell all the folks who try this to turn your phone off first!

Are you apple guy Your answers are familiar with the Apple service in my country. Well, I have 5 iphones and 4 ipads in my house and did whatever you said as well Apple service personal in my country. None of those work for me.

The usual problem with this is that the cable you're using isn't a genuine apple cable but as you've said you have tried the original then the only other explanation is that it is the charging block itself that is the problem. After a while with iPhone 5's lightening charging block is that the gold plates inside start to score and once they are marked they are damaged so they will not function as how it used to do. Only suggestion is that you consider replacing the charging port that you can purchase from here and follow some simple steps also provided by iFixit. Hope this helped.

So is 4.5V enough Well consider that the Lithium cell in your phone, at full charge, should reach 4.2 volts. Realizing this, you can see where 4.5V is barely adequate, and something around 4.3, even for a short instant, is probably going to trigger an alert inside the 'smarts" of the "smart" phone. At best it will charge slower than it should, and at worst it will make the dumb phone think "hey this isn't a charger... it can't be... the voltage is WRONG too low! So I guess it must be some other device, and since I can't talk to it, its not a supported device!). It then internally disables the charging circuit, because wanting to protect it self from the opposite of charging... DISCHARGING. Could apple fix this I'm sure they are aware. But they are treading a fine line!

Now its already been mentioned that a dirty or poor contact can cause the problem. If you think of an old fashioned flashlight (not so much the LED kind), you probably have seen where as the battery gets weaker, the light output of the flashlight can sometimes be restored a little by banging the flashlight in your hand (the great American 'fix-all" :-) ). Well this is the same reason why it is often helpful to keep the contacts clean. But electrically, the best thing to do is often difficult. If you're dealing with a newer I-phone which has a standard USB plug on both ends, you may be able to keep your inexpensive charger and obtain a better cable. Look for the words "high current" or current ratings of "2 amps". If its an older I-phone with the "apple only" connector, finding a better cable will be a challenge. Especially with the way search engines "ignore" search terms it can't specifically find. The problem is that a higher current cable means thicker wires, and everybody wants a thin "spaghetti" like wire. If you can find one with a thicker wire, there's a good chance you'll have a fix. And definitely look for the shortest wore possible, since the voltage drop decreases with shorter wire length.

When you stack together all the iPhones Apple currently sells, it's easy to understand why many call it an apples-to-apples comparison. Throughout the years, the brand's most significant changes have stemmed from the inside, building out an iOS software experience that arguably puts the iPhone ahead of its Android counterparts. Hardware changes There are a few, but not as many. 59ce067264


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