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Google Pixel2 Custom Rom For Xiaomi Mi8


How to Install Google Pixel 2 ROM on Xiaomi Mi 8

If you are a fan of Google's stock Android experience and want to enjoy it on your Xiaomi Mi 8, you are in luck. There is a custom ROM that ports the Google Pixel 2 firmware to the Mi 8, giving you all the features and benefits of the Pixel 2 software on your Xiaomi device.

The ROM is developed by XDA Senior Member argraur, who has successfully ported the Pixel 2 ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 8. The ROM is based on Android Pie and comes with all the Pixel goodies, such as the Pixel Launcher, Google Camera, Pixel Wallpapers, Google Assistant, and more.

The ROM is also stable and smooth, with most of the features working as expected. However, there are some minor bugs and issues that you may encounter, such as fingerprint sensor not working in some apps, face unlock not working, and some minor glitches in animations. The developer is working on fixing these issues and updating the ROM regularly.

If you want to try out this ROM on your Xiaomi Mi 8, you will need to have an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery installed on your device. You will also need to backup your data before proceeding, as this process will wipe your device. Follow the steps below to install the Google Pixel 2 ROM on your Xiaomi Mi 8:

Download the latest version of the ROM from this XDA thread.

Copy the ROM zip file to your device's internal storage.

Reboot your device into recovery mode.

Wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache partitions.

Flash the ROM zip file.

Reboot your device.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Google Pixel 2 ROM on your Xiaomi Mi 8. Enjoy the pure Android experience on your device and let us know how it works for you in the comments below.

But what makes the Google Pixel 2 ROM so special Well, it's not just the look and feel of the software, but also the features and performance that it offers. Here are some of the highlights of the Google Pixel 2 ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 8:

Google Camera: The Google Camera app is one of the best camera apps on Android, and it comes with features like HDR+, Portrait Mode, Night Sight, and more. The Google Camera app on the Pixel 2 ROM works flawlessly on the Mi 8, and delivers stunning photos and videos in various lighting conditions.

Google Assistant: The Google Assistant is your personal assistant that can help you with various tasks, such as setting reminders, playing music, getting directions, and more. The Google Assistant on the Pixel 2 ROM is integrated with the system, and can be activated by squeezing the sides of the phone, just like on the Pixel 2.

Google Pixel Launcher: The Google Pixel Launcher is a simple and elegant launcher that gives you quick access to your apps, widgets, and Google services. The Pixel Launcher on the Pixel 2 ROM has features like At a Glance widget, app suggestions, swipe up for app drawer, and more.

Google Wallpapers: The Google Wallpapers app lets you choose from a variety of beautiful wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen. The Pixel 2 ROM comes with all the exclusive wallpapers from the Pixel 2, as well as some live wallpapers that change according to the time of day.

Google Apps: The Pixel 2 ROM also includes all the essential Google apps that you need on your phone, such as Gmail, Maps, Photos, YouTube, Chrome, and more. These apps are updated regularly and work seamlessly with the Pixel 2 software.

As you can see, the Google Pixel 2 ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 8 is a great way to experience the pure Android experience on your device. If you are interested in trying out this ROM, make sure to follow our guide above and let us know your feedback in the comments below. a474f39169


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