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Where To Buy Gatorade Smart Bottle


Where To Buy Gatorade Smart Bottle

Allow athletes to set and track their hydration goals with the Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle Kit. You can easily sync the smart bottle with the Gx App to set daily hydration goals. Additionally, there are cap lights that indicate your progress towards your daily hydration goal. This way, tracking your fluid intake will be easy and hassle-free. In fact, the app works as a personalized nutrition and training platform that helps athletes achieve their performance goals. You can also sync your Smart Gx Bottle with the Gx App to customize your color. Backed by science, this smart bottle happens to be a great everyday accessory athletes can use to not just quench your thirst but also track hydration in the best way possible.

As health tracking ideas go, the smart water bottle is a persistent one, but no one has quite managed to pull it off yet, despite numerous attempts that have cropped up on crowdfunding sites and in CES announcements. But now the concept has a big name behind it: PepsiCo brand Gatorade, which showed off a forthcoming smartphone-connected water bottle cap at SXSW on Friday. It works well with Gatorade sport drink too. Gatorade's design is ambitious -- it also includes an adhesive patch that tracks sweat.

The Smart Gx Bottle makes use of sensors that allow it to track the flow of liquid through its spout and also the amount of liquid that is held inside the bottle. The bottle can even detect when it is refilled to keep an accurate count of your daily hydration. The top cap has an LED array that can show where you are when it comes to your hydration progress and goals. All of this gets logged into the Gx App made for iOS devices. If you want to take this a step further, you can also use Gatorade's Sweat Patch, which can visually track your sweat, giving you details about your sodium and fluid loss and sweat rate.

Gatorade has been a go-to drink for many people, especially during workouts or at that times when they need to stay hydrated. Well, Gatorade has taken things a step further by designing a smart watter bottle.

According to a separate Engadget report, what the Sweat Patch basically does it analyze your sweat in order to determine in what areas your body needs recovery. The Sweat Patch is needed so that you can get the hydration report for your smart watter bottle.

In 2016, professional players, coaches, and amateur athletes alike can gear up for the mass production of the new smart bottle. Testing is being done now with teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, the Boston Celtics, FC Barcelona and even Gatorade sponsored IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL. It is obvious that the trend in big data collection is speeding up and the desire for personalized analytics is even more desirable. While Gatorade is ready to push out their smart cap for distribution, it will be interesting to see how else the brand moves beyond the field. Clearly they see technological innovation as a company driver moving forward.

The durable, reusable body of the smart bottle is polypropylene (PP) plus an additive called Vistamaxx, a semi-crystalline copolymer from ExxonMobil Chemical. A colorant added at 0.25% to match the classic Gatorade green. The bottle is adorned with TPE grip panels, and the decoration is ink printed in PE film and coated with heat-activated adhesive. The grip panels feature a fingerprint design which reinforces the theme of personalization seen throughout the bottle.

Regarding materials used in the smart cap, the bottom and top cap in black 7C is PP, the spring is stainless steel, the puck (top and bottom, where the electronic components go) is tritan, an impact-resistant, BPA-free plastic that should withstand the beating active sports and fitness types might dish out. The O-rings in the tritan puck are silicone, the over-molded gasket is TPE, the pins and spring are stainless steel 304, the valve is silicone, the ice shield is PP, the latch is PP, and the ID ring ABS.

This is an awesome emerging technology that can be vital to athletes everywhere. Beyond the scope of the Brazilian national team, every day high school athletes could utilize this technology to make sure they are staying hydrated and being safe. My only concern would be the cost of such a water bottle. I have a normal gatorade bottle and it cost me roughly $5. The cost of such a high tech water bottle could be as high at $100, and if it ever got broken or misplaced, much of the data that is stored could be lost.

In case anyone is interested in reducing their plastic foot print. An aluminum alternatively, similar to the smart bottle but smaller volume, 750cc, and larger mouth. It is heavier as well, weighing in at about 5 oz. smart water bottles are classified as single use making repeated usage somewhat riskier, theoretically. 59ce067264


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