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Maple 16 - Windows Installer Purchase Code Utorrent

Download File >>>

During the installation, you will need your purchase code (sent to you in an email or available on the Maple 13 Installation, Activation, and Technical Support card found in the Maple 13 box).

During installation, a maple13.desktop file is created in Maple'sbin directory. If you request the installer to have a shortcut placedon your desktop, this file is also created in the /Desktop directory. If you wish to have a shortcut placed in your Applications menu, the maple13.desktop file can be copied to /usr/share/applications (which may require root access) or /.local/share/applications.

The \FLEXlm\windows directory, installed in the c:\Program Files\Maple Network Tools directory, contains license manager daemons (lmgrd and maplelmg) required to run Maple, as well as utilities to assist you in installing and configuring FLEXlm for your system. 1e1e36bf2d


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